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Get Your Business Website: 97% of Small Businesses Recommend It!

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Do I Need a Website?

That's a great question...
do you really need a business website?

Yes you do!

There it is, that maybe saved you a little reading time 😊

OK, so it’s not good enough to make such a statement about website design without any substantiation right? So, to verify that due consideration was given to the question before giving such a flippant answer, please read on…

Do I need a new website

It’s understandable that there are still a great many business owners that are confused as to whether or not they really need their own company website developed. Often this is a combination of concerns surrounding a lack of in-house technical skills required to keep a professional level website online and up to date and of course the initial (and potential ongoing) costs involved.

However, when partnered with the right Design Agency or freelance web developer, most small business owners would perhaps be rather surprised to learn that the overall cost of ownership of their professionally designed, lead generating/converting, sales increasing, brand emphasising website needn’t be particularly high, in fact rather less in reality than their myriad other marketing campaign costs!

In an ever increasingly digital age there can’t be many businesses that can truly thrive and survive without a professional website. What good reason can there be to NOT have your business services and/or products visible to such a wide audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

Sure, there are undoubtedly some businesses that still, even today, are running along very nicely without any online presence whatsoever, but in dwindling numbers surely as even they accept the obvious advantages of essentially having sales, marketing, accounts, and customer care teams (in the form of keenly relevant website content) on-hand to answer customer questions and make sales anytime day or night.

A business website really is a rather fantastic and highly effective marketing tool, that can also be highly cost-efficient. There are many benefits, and very few downsides. In fact 97% of small businesses currently operating a website would recommend to other small businesses that they too should have one!

A powerful testament indeed to consider moving forward with any plans that you may currently have to start your own business website project!

But my business has social media accounts,
that's enough right?

If you have one or more active social media accounts, you keep them updated and find the time to engage with your audience regularly, then very well done, that’s brilliant and should remain an important part of your online business activities without any shadow of doubt.

With Facebook alone approaching the quite staggering number of 3 billion active users, it is certainly a case of complementing your business engagement via social channels with your website and in particular its ability to focus the attention of visitors, educate them as to the value of your experience, skills, services and products and convert them into new customers and clients. Where social media allows ongoing communication and direct involvement with your target audience, your website acts as the digital face of your business.

Why you need a website

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram et al…you alone have control of the look, the feel, the personality if you will, of your own website, in conjunction with your designer if necessary. You do not have the necessary granular control over your business social media account pages to portray your branding in the precise way that you may wish to do.

How will a new website help my business?

What do your prospective future customers and clients know about you and your business right now?

Where can they go to learn more about you, your business, your services, your products, if they are in the market for what it is your business can offer them?

How does a website help my business

The answer of course is your website!

A website that can successfully serve your own business needs and efficiently deliver further information to your site visitors. A dynamic, engaging, search engine optimised (SEO) site that has ‘responsive’ design characteristics to ensure it is mobile device friendly.

Consider for a moment just how many potential customers and clients you are likely missing out on without a website. When did you last receive a printed business telephone directory to your home and/or office?  Sometime ago right!

It’s really no surprise as most everyone is now searching online for whatever it is they need in that moment. You need to be sure that these potential purchasers and consumers of your offerings have the opportunity to learn about you, wherever they may be and whatever time they may be there! Effectively an online showcase/brochure or shop-front to your business, your website can influence their purchase decision in a way that surely must only be positive for both parties.

So hopefully then, we can broadly agree that having a website is very important to your business success, for any number of possible reasons, including (but certainly not restricted to) some or all of the following:


  • Potential clients may not consider contacting you if they cannot first see that you have a professional website that begins to answer the questions that they may have


  • Consumers are known to judge the credibility of a business and consider them to be more reputable and trustworthy if they have a website


  • They are mainly searching for services and products online, if you are not there…well then you are really not there!


  • A professional web presence can help your business compete on a more level playing field


  • A well designed website can encourage new customers to your door

  • Your business products and services can be effectively showcased to a much wider audience, you can also sell those products and services globally, 24 hours a day


  • A website acts as your online brochure 24/7, whilst you may not be available all hours to answer questions about your business your website is, and will, and does


  • A website is easier to keep updated and is more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising

I love to read stats, give me some figures...

Stats you say?

OK, there is a 100% 99%, at least some chance the following figures will surprise you!

29% of small businesses plan to use a website for the first time in 2020.

Which is just as well, because…

81 percent of consumers perform online research before making a purchase.

A very compelling reason to get your business website up and running, is that…

97 percent of people go online to find a local business.

It would be as well to ensure you are there to be found online, because…

30 percent of consumers automatically strike a business from consideration if they don't have a website.

That could well be because…

88% of consumers will research product and service information online before they make a purchasing decision.

The proof of that is you are reading this and are therefore probably researching options for creating your own business website sometime soon, which would be a great idea!

You are in the right place in that case, as…

Mid Sussex Websites would be delighted to offer advice on what you may or may not need, as well as being sure we can deliver just what your business requires at a truly great price!