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WordPress Website Designers

As a small business you want people to know all about you and the products and services that you provide.

You want a professional looking website design
that your clients can navigate easily,
is easy to use and won’t break the bank to achieve!

Mid Sussex Websites can design for you a beautiful website that will make visitors want to stop by.

We build responsive, mobile ready websites that are easy to use & search engine friendly.

You’ll not only have an affordable, professional and SEO friendly website that you can be proud of, but a site that can easily grow with your business and help to generate more leads and sales than ever before!

Fully Featured WordPress Websites

Brochure Style Website

Small Business | Sole Trader | Freelancer etc.
  • Market Yourself Online
  • Built With WordPress
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • SEO Optimised
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management


Open all Hours! 24hr Online Selling.
  • Sell Online 24/7
  • Built With WordPress
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • SEO Optimised
  • Social Media Integration
  • Content Management
Sell Online

Built with WordPress

WordPress powers 30% of the top 10m websites and has a 60% market share. We build sites with the greatest content management tool of them all!

Content Management

We match the greatest content management system (WP) with the easiest to use drag & drop site builder to enable you to add/edit content.

Fully Mobile Responsive

Our sites are designed to look great on all platforms, be it desktop, tablet or mobile. An important search engine ranking factor.

SEO Optimised

Our sites are designed with search engine optimisation in mind to ensure the best possible start to your site's friendship with google et al.

Social Media Integration

Prominent links to your social media accounts, typically positioned in your site footer.

'Safeguard' Care Plan

Priority support for technical issues, regular WordPress core & plugin updates. 1 hour of support / design time per month included.

Fully responsive
mobile first website design

Mobile web browsing has officially passed desktop traffic in volume. The dominace of mobile internet usage is set to continue increasing rapidly, this is a change in browsing habits that must be accommodated by all websites.

Every website that we design looks fantastic on all your visitors devices, be they desktops, laptops, tablets and of course mobile phones.

Combined with easy navigation and uncluttered visuals, you can be confident that your site visitors will have the best possible viewing experience no matter what their choice of device and OS.

Brochure Style Websites
eCommerce Websites

Whether you need to market yourself more effeciently with an online brochure style website, designed to greet, inform, advise and engage with current and potentially new customers…

…or you want to be open 24/7 to sell, sell, sell to local or global markets, we have you covered and can design the perfect website to move your business forward.

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Search Engine Optimisation
Ongoing support & Maintenance

Each and every website that we work on is expertly optimised during the development stages for maximum performance in the search engine rankings.

Effective SEO is however a continual process and depends upon great on-site and off-site optmisation practices. We can advise on the various aspects of SEO optimisation and how best to improve site rankings after your website goes live.

Once your site is live we can provide ad-hoc premium maintenance and support to ensure you never feel out of your depth. One hour per month of expert support is provided with our Safeguard WordPress Care Plan.

Regular backups are hugely important in case of any future problems. Invest in our Safeguard WordPress Care Plan and relax in the kowledge that your site is backed up weekly and regularly maintained to ensure its continued smooth running.

Your Questions Answered

A WordPress website is a great solution for almost any business, save for those that require something very specific. It will always be a great choice for a website as it is very cost effective, has a an extremely large community, and is easy to use whilst being fantastically flexible and powerful.

Brochure style websites are designed to be easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to the viewer. Rather than offering products for purchase directly, a brochure website acts as an online promotion of your business products and services. A good brochure style website will guide a visitor through your information with many ‘calls to action’ to encourage a site visitor to convert from just a visitor to an prospective client or customer.

An ecommerce website is designed to sell goods or services. A wide variety of ecommerce websites are available on the internet and you can choose to sell the products to individuals or commercial companies.

You can use an ecommerce website to sell products and services or simply as a company brochure. If you want to sell products and services, you can accept online payments to sell your products and services.

If you already have a website that is a little dated a site refresh is a great option,  a chance to update your website to bring it in line with the latest trends.

Perhaps your site would benefit from new features and functionality, a change of aesthetics to improve the overall visitor experience and improvements to the site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to improve your search rankings.

A responsive website will change its layout depending on the screen size, device, and orientation of viewing an individual is using, ensuring everything looks great on any device, from desktop to tablet or mobile phone.

We will work together through a defined project cycle, which if everything is available such as content text and imagery, should take a couple of weeks to complete.

If there are delays in obtaining content for the site then the project will of course run for a longer period of time. It’s a great idea to have your website’s text content planned and written prior to starting the site creation if at all possible.

Your Own
Amazing Website

5 Easy Steps to the Perfect Website



This is our first opportunity to discuss in detail your requirements and wishes for your website. It is important that we are able to match your ‘wants’ with your ‘needs’ so this is where we establish what it is you believe your website must offer both your business and your customers.



A development version of your site will undergo construction on our hosting servers. You will be notified of the web address of this site in order to check progress of the development at any time. Where significant design and function choices are required to be made, development may be suspended pending your approval.


During the site development stage we will ask for your site content, this could be a combination of text copy for pages describing your products and/or services, images, logos, customer testimonials etc. All of this information will be entered to the development site in preparation for your review and approval before going live.


With your site created and all information entered we will invite you to test drive everything to check all is as expected and hoped for. Any alterations can be communicated to us for implementation. We will stay in close contact with you until you are completely satisfied with your site and give us approval to take it to its new live environment.


Upon approval we will begin the process of getting your website live! Depending upon individual client circumstances this may involve a number of further steps. We encourage all clients to take advantage of our own web hosting services, lighting fast, ultra reliable, exceptionally good value and administratively a very good option for keeping everything related to your site within a single point of contact. For those wishing to use alternate hosting services we will need to gather appropriate details in order to facilitate the transition from our development servers to your web hosts live servers.

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Even if you are only at the point of considering and researching your options right now,
we’d be delighted to provide some free guidance to help steer you down the correct path to a successful web design project.

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